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Interior designer
1950s Town House
This 1950s town house in Amsterdam was designed as lodgings for British Airways crew members. In the following years, adjustments were made that gave the house a messy feel. Think of, for instance, plastic window frames and an open spiral staircase.
Fit for the future
This villa has all the prerequisites to become a lovely home. Moreover, it is situated in a highly sought-after area. It does need some extra room. The existing 180 m2 building can be extended to a maximum of 300 m2.

The dining area offers room to many guests

The dining area with large elements combined with soft materials offers enough room for many guests.

Soft shapes in the master bedroom

The master bedroom has both straight lines and round shapes.

Stylish bathroom

The bathroom is decked out in crisp white combined with metallic tiles and polished concrete offering a lot of contrast.

Relaxing in luxury

Long lines of sight

Long lines of sight make the most of the smooth layout.

Steel door frames and window frames

The surroundings logically become part of the living experience by fitting new frames.
The client’s wish
We would like a transition from 180 m2 to 300 m2 and to make sure all current building standards are in place. This town house has all the elements it needs for it to become our family home, as long as we can expand. Moreover, it is set in highly sought-after location. Create as much extra volume as possible and make it future-ready.
Giving the building back what was stripped away over the years, that is what I like doing best. Therefore, this renovation project is right up my alley. Focus is on the modernism style and original character elements are restored. The garage will be demolished and replaced by a two-storey construction with a basement. The roof of the upper floor is elevated, and a conservatory will be added. All the windows on the ground floor will replaced by steel doors and a new layout will create a more logical and efficient use of the various rooms. This also gives the house a more transparent feel. Long lines of sight allow the natural flowing layout to come to its own. The town house is fully equipped, and this makes it completely ready for the future.
Peter Baas