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Startbaan 6 

1185 XR Amstelveen


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Interior designer
Apartment on the Vondelstraat in Amsterdam
The stately apartment offers phenomenal views over the Vondelpark and the Vondel church.
A neo-classical style due to a spectacularly striking ceiling
At the start of the renovation works, the three-storey apartment with a floor space of approximately 300 m2 was in a state of neglect. The ceiling was lowered in some rooms and the variety of different floor coverings, and the glass partitioning divide the rooms. However, when looking around the apartment, potential is everywhere. The rooms are stripped bare, and the stucco ceiling is completely restored. In order to improve routing and to create a natural open flow, an opening between the hallway, the kitchen and the living room is created. The master suite covers the entire next floor. A small private lounge offers views of the park. These views are also available from the bathtub, offering an ultimate sense of luxury and freedom.

Plenty of daylight

The opening from the hallway to the kitchen allows natural light to flood in

The mantel provides the seating area with a high level of style

The mantel is brought back to its former glory. A comfortable and lovely seating area is created here.

The staircase is a true eye-catcher

The staircase is made even more spectacular by adding an enormous mirror.

The kitchen with ample worktop space

The bronze-coloured handcrafted tiles offer the large kitchen a unique touch.

Private lounge area by the bedroom

A small private lounge separates the sleeping area from the bathroom.

Master bathroom in natural materials and colour palette

The master bathroom is found right in the heart of the master suite.
The client’s wish
We are looking for a modern and comfortable apartment. Alterations may be made to the entire apartment, but we want the stately feel of the Vondelstraat to be experienced inside as well.
The spectacular ceiling, the impressive staircase and doors, give this apartment its personality. These elements will therefore be carefully restored. A new mantlepiece, placed in its original spot, returns character to the room. In order to improve routing and to open up the apartment’s closed off feel, we create an opening from the hallway to the kitchen and living area. Natural light can now reach every corner of the apartment, even gloomy days feel light and airy.
Han Nooijen