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Interior designer
Asgro asbestos removal company
In 2020, Asgro moves to a central location in Vianen. The huge distribution centre covers approximately 2000 m2 and the offices, divided over 3 floors, cover approximately 800 m2.
An office with character suitable for the sector
Robust and strong are the terms for the team to get started with. This is a company with level-headed staff, people with a no-nonsense attitude and the visitors to the company spend their days on building and demolition sites. The interior should have a robust and sturdy feel to it. Using concrete floors, stone worktops and steel constructions gives the building a strong feel. Recycled materials, such as salvaged wood and raw steel adds to this sturdy character. The light art in the stairwell is also a robust work and connects the three floors. The work shows a huge magnification of a microscopic mineral.


Transparency offers room for open communication

Light art creates a connection

The light artwork in the stairwell creates a connection between the three floors.

A softer atmosphere in the boardroom

The boardroom is the only room which has a softer feel about it.

Workstations with an open feel

Functional work areas with an open feel offer open communication.

Reused materials

Reused materials can be found throughout the project. This beautiful, 20 cm thick eyecatcher in the restaurant used to be something completely different.

A robust restaurant

Concrete floors, an open ceiling and reused wood. The restaurant also has a robust feel about it.
The client’s wish
We are looking for a characteristic office which suits are sector. The visitors to our office are people who regularly walk around building projects. Our interior should show resilience and have a tough character. We need functional working areas with an open feel, but we are definitely not looking for an office landscape.
The loft is to become the central heart. The interior will be designed around this loft area. This will allow for a direct sense of community. The use of transparent separation walls creates a natural connection between the areas and allows for natural light to reach the entire building. The open character encourages sound internal communication. It was a conscious choice to have all installation engineering in plain sight as it adds to the robust character. Sturdy materials such as concrete, stone and steel offer a tough feel. Reused materials like salvaged wood also add a sense of sustainability.
Han Nooijen