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Interior designer
Foyer NPO Mediapark Hilversum
The return of the Netherlands Public Broadcasting to the Mediapark in Hilversum saw studio 3 and 4 back in business. The adjoining NPO Foyer which welcomes guests is ready for a refurbishment.
New elan
The monumental but also controversial broadcast facilities have a long history. As far back as the 1920s, (radio) broadcasters like VARA first move from Amsterdam to Hilversum. During the 60s and 70s, the style in architecture in the Mediapark focuses on functionalism. During the 90s this shifts to a more iconic style. The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision is one of the buildings that attracts attention, both nationally and internationally. The Foyer is dated and in need of an update. The television era we are in right now demands a new elan. Roy de Scheemaker and his team are asked to create an area and atmosphere where individuals and groups can be welcomed in an inviting and modern way, a way that suits the Public Broadcaster.

Light element connects areas

A branched light element connects the various areas in the Foyer. Its colours change subtly and so creates a natural movement.

Area design

The new Foyer is divided into various areas, to move around in or to be seated.

'Talking Heads’

The well-known talking heads will adorn the studio walls with life-size format photographs.

The stairwell is the heart

The heart of the Foyer is the stairwell, the Foyer is grouped around it.

Basement restaurant

The stairwell leads to the future restaurant in the basement. The restaurant emanates simplicity, but the used materials create a high level of harmony and elegance.


Each guest will be welcomed at the reception counter.
The client’s wish
The current television era demands innovation. With the move of the Public Broadcaster to the Mediapark, a drastic refurb of the Foyer next to studio 3 and 4 is no superfluous luxury. We receive a variety of guests, both individuals and groups. Everyone should feel welcome in the Foyer.
The Foyer is grouped around the central stairwell, the heart of the building. A variety of seating areas form a connection but also offer plenty of privacy. The bar and the restaurant should make everyone feel at home. The light element has branches that stretch out and subtly change colour and so connect the various areas.