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Startbaan 6 

1185 XR Amstelveen


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Interior designer
Holiday home on Mallorca
A typical Spanish feel
The house dates from the early 60s and was built for an artist who also used the house as a gallery. A surface area of 400 m2, a swimming pool and a lavish garden are the ingredients for this big renovation and redesign. Walls are taken down, rooms are turned around, everything is redesigned. By creating arched openings upstairs, this area is also given that typical Spanish feel. Besides this, the Spanish vibe is also present in the details and the materials used. The typical light of the area also plays an important role. Because life largely happens outside, a lot of attention is on the garden. The house has several ‘porticos’, small verandas, which are all restored carefully. The old date palm trees are replanted so that they are given pride of place. A comfortable outdoor kitchen is built in the far corner of the garden. This area offers gorgeous views of this lovely house.

The living area looking out over the garden

The living area was moved 180 degrees to offer garden views.

Gorgeous vistas

This vantage point offers a beautiful view of the house.

A generous ‘tertulia’

The gallery is integrated in the living area and offers room to the generous table.

Seating area

The small seating area offers a delightful spot for a siësta.

The kitchen with its handcrafted tiles

The handcrafted tiles and robust oak create a modern and rustic feel.

Master bathroom

By creating arched openings in the master bathroom, the typical Spanish atmosphere is also added here.
The client’s wish
We have spent a lot of time in this wonderful area. This house has all the potential to meet all our holiday home wishes. It will need a thorough renovation. We want to be able to offer room to visiting family and friends. This is why we are looking for a practical house, both in use and maintenance. We would love the Spanish vibe to be visible in all the elements.
That typical Spanish feel is created largely by the details and the materials that were used. The arches, the plasterwork, the tiles. The typical light is also cherished and enhanced. We want to return a country minimalism with an authentic Spanish feel to the house. By turning the layout of the living area 180 degrees and by connecting the gallery to the area, one large living space is created which also includes the kitchen. This rotation allows for direct contact with the garden and the pool area. This makes the building a perfect holiday home. The floor upstairs is completely redesigned, bathrooms are added to the bedrooms, and everything is streamlined. The arched openings also add to the Spanish feel here. Because outdoor living plays an important role here, the neglected garden is given a full refurb and a new covered outdoor kitchen is fitted in the far corner of the garden. This area offers beautiful views of the house. The old Canary Island date palm trees are replanted to give them more room and the porticos are professionally restored, returning them to their former glory. This results in various delightful outdoor spaces to enjoy the glorious Spanish lifestyle.
Peter Baas