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1185 XR Amstelveen


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Interior designer
Living along the Vondelpark
This stately family home is located on the edge of the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. A true sense of being in the park is created by placing windows which reach from floor to ceiling.
The transformation into a stately family home
The building dates as far back as 1912 and its location is more than unique: it is situated right on the edge of the Vondelpark and the water. However, the family still had a few wishes: more light and more living space. It was to become a true family home with room for the family, for guests and friends. They needed room for their extensive art collection too. The end result is a stylish house, also because of the luxurious 100 m2 basement which serves as an extra living area and is connected to the garden, the park and the rest of the surroundings.


Floor to ceiling steel door frames and the use of large sheets of glass create a high level of transparency throughout the house.

Natural light

The glass extension supplies an abundance of natural light and allows access to the new basement area.

Park views

Each room in the house offers views of the park.

Room for art

Room for the extensive collection of paintings and other artifacts is taken into consideration throughout the house.

Warm colours

The walnut used in the ensuite bathroom perfectly complements the warm tones used in the bedroom.

Unobstructed views of the garden

The bathroom also offers unobstructed views of the garden. The atmosphere is light and warm, even on gloomy days.
The client’s wish
The wish is to create ‘a real family home right next to the park’. It is a prime location and therefore highly profitable to add as many square metres as possible. The house may be stripped down to its bare bones and the layout may be altered completely.
In order to add as many square metres as possible, without changing the character of the house, a 100 m2 basement living area will be added underneath the entire building. The basement will offer room to a playroom, a music room and a guest bedroom. A glass conservatory will be added along the entire side of the house. This will provide extra natural light and give access to the basement area. On the park facing side of the house, the walls under the windows have been replaced with extra glass reaching all the way down to the floor. The ensuite rooms have been kept so that the original proportions are not disrupted. The opted for double glass dividing doors provide contact with the park and the surroundings. The family’s extensive art collection was an important issue to keep in mind right from the get-go. Throughout the house, strategic areas were created to offer room to paintings and art objects.
Han Nooijen