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Interior designer
Renovation 1930s town house by Harry Elte
Harry Elte, a Jewish architect, was a sought-after designer during the years in between the two world wars. He lived from 1880 until 1944 and designed various synagogues, houses particularly in the south of Amsterdam, but also many town houses in ‘t Gooi.
Prominent and spacious
Elte’s work is still popular today because of the spacious rooms and prominent features in his designs. This town house will be given a complete renovation. During the project, ways will be explored to ensure that the original character and atmosphere are respected. It is our aim to pay homage to the much acclaimed Jewish architect who died in concentration camp Theresienstadt in April of 1944.

Kitchen impression

By breaking down the walls of the original kitchen, a new modern and open area for cooking and dining is created.

Bedroom impression

Study impression

Study impression

Children's bedroom impression

Children's bedroom impression

The client’s wish
It is our goal to return this Elte town house to its former glory. The location is stunning, and it has all the ingredients to become a wonderful dwelling. The interior, however, needs a complete revamp for it to meet today’s standards.
This town house was built during the interbellum, so during the “roaring twenties”. Today, a hundred years on, we are trying to return the original feel by, for instance, replacing all the window frames to the original proportions. The hall area will be increased, and the stairs will be made less steep so that it becomes more comfortable. The interior will be completely transformed so that it will meet today’s living preferences.