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Interior designer
Schaap Advocaten en Notarissen (law and notary firm)
For over 25 years, the renowned law and notary firm Schaap has held office in this monumental and listed building on the Parklaan in Rotterdam. This historizing town house villa dates from 1925.
Bringing the building up to date without damaging its heritage
The firm is proud of this location. It was once the domain of the Rotterdam port barons and industrialists. The monumental main building is connected to the newly built wing with a corridor. The building boasts a total of nearly 4000 m2 of office area. It is a solid and reliable building, but the complete interior was ready for modernisation. There is certainly room for a more personal touch, and it needs to be brought up to date to today’s standards. The legacy from a distant past will be honoured, so the monumental staircase will be given a prominent role in the renovation.

Hosting meetings in style

The conference table tapers to one side, which allows larger and smaller meetings to be held.

Patterned glass partitions

The pattern adorning the glass partitions in the office wing is directly taken from the monumental staircase in the main building.

The monumental staircase is the striking vocal point of the reception hall

The reception hall is situated at the monumental staircase

A high level of style and modesty

The boardroom radiates style and modesty

Unique use of colour and material

The monumental staircase served as an inspiration for the chosen colours and materials.

An alluring listed monument

The bridge and the 1925 town house are listed monuments.
The client’s wish
After twenty-five years, we are ready for a redesign which suits our firm. The interior is in serious need of a new impulse; however, we treasure the location. This firm is not moving. We need it to be brought up to the 21st century.
The monumental building and the newly built wing seem to have no visual or characteristic connection. This bridge is created by using the monumental staircase as an inspiration for the colour palette and use of materials. The stairs are given a key role and the area is designed to become the reception hall. The dark hallways in the office building are provided with glass panelling which are decorated with a graphic pattern inspired on the staircase. Installing a new LED light design is not only beautiful and practical, but it also yields significant energy consumption savings.
Han Nooijen