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Interior designer
Skin Cosmetics Breda
Due to its continuing success, the Breda Skins Cosmetics location was looking to expand. The project developer contacted Skins about this potential building. The sight has now developed to three times its former size and is situated on the Wilhelminastraat, one of Breda’s most prestigious shopping streets.
A boutique with a New York style
What used to be an ordinary shop, is now transformed into a boutique with a New York style about it. Behind the existing location, the project developer has the garden excavated. This room is added to the boutique, hereby creating a vast and high area of almost 240 m2 in total. The connection with the neighbours, a lovely restaurant, is constructed in glass, offering a beautiful view of the shopping spectacle. The difference in levels, traditionally a disadvantage in retail projects, is turned into an advantage. An elegantly designed staircase now functions as a theatrical entrance but also as a display area. The well-known Skins wall is the common thread which leads customers from the entrance to the stairs and right to the heart of the store. Natural light is abundant in this boutique, it pours in from all sides.

The mezzanine

The mezzanine offers room to all the exclusive brands on offer by Skin Cosmetics.

Natural light over the full width

The make-up counter stretches the entire width of the building. Because of the enormous windows, this area is bathed in natural light all day.

The spacious set-up of the counter

The counter has a spacious set up, also allowing for plenty of room for a chat or advice.

A unique point of sale

The staircase, which is usually considered a barrier in a store, is now a unique point of sale.

Shopping area

The basement is a grand shopping area.

A dramatic entrance

The striking staircase functions as an entrance but is also a display area
The client’s wish
Due to Skins Cosmetics’ continuing success in Breda, we are looking to expand our store. A suitable location was not found easily. But then this building, on perhaps the most beautiful shopping street of Breda, came into view. It is a stunning, three times the size. This building will allow us to create the complete spacious Skins concept.
This location requires grand gestures. The project developer is looking to make a connection with the adjoining building. We create an open connection between the two buildings which is closed off with glass panelling. This ensures the visual aspect, and it creates an impressive view of the shopping spectacle in the boutique. In order to bridge the difference in levels, we designed an elegant, sloping staircase which acts as the striking entrance. The staircase doubles up as a retail area, offering displays both on and under the stairs. The basement also offers a grand retail area. Natural light pours in abundantly from all sides, giving the boutique a summery feel, even in the winter.
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