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Interior designer
Skins Cosmetics Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam
The prestigious Conservatorium Hotel, located around the corner from the Stedelijk Museum, invited Skins to open a store in the lobby of the hotel. The store will also be part of the luxurious Van Baerle Shopping Gallery.
A building with a rich history
The hotel building of the Conservatory has a rich history. It was originally designed in 1897 to become the National Postal Savings Bank but it takes its name from the Amsterdam Conservatory. Right up to 2008, the monumental, listed building was used by students of music. It was only after 2008 that the building was transformed into one of the most luxurious hotels of the Netherlands. Akasha Holistic Wellbeing to enjoy. Skins Cosmetics is given the opportunity to open a boutique in this vibrant and elegant setting. This project requires international and metropolitan allure, both in style, idea and execution. Because this concerns a listed building, all changes and alterations need to be assessed. We are given permission to create strategically placed openings in the long wall of the hallway. This creates an open connection between the store and the hotel, making it more visible.

The shopping gallery with its gorgeous corridors

The iconic hallways create a somewhat mysterious feel to the shopping gallery. The atmosphere is very impressive.

The scent library offers a special spot for each perfume

Typical, striking Skins walls: the entire interior is set up as a scent library where every perfume and all skin care products can be displayed. The island displays are designated for solo presentations.

Looking holes provide visual contact with the hotel hallway

One of the looking holes is strategically placed right next to the entrance, allowing for visual contact with the hotel hallway. The corridor is now provided with ample light.

Hospitality is our calling card

Skins is all about hospitality: there is a seating area and a bar near the entrance where customers can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

Details from a distant past

Details from a distant past remain visible: listed buildings demand working together with the existing building.

An architectural city centre icon

The Conservatorium Hotel, the architectural city centre icon built in 1897, offers access to the Skins Cosmetics boutique.
The client’s wish
This concerns a listed building. It used to house the Amsterdam Conservatory. The characteristic hallways add a touch of mystery to the hotel, it has a truly unique atmosphere. It is essential that the Skins boutique is not completely separate from the hotel. The interior should connect seamlessly to the demands of the hotel and its visitors. Just like Skins Cosmetics, we offer an excellent level of service. However, we are limited in our options as we are dealing with a listed building.
The location requires allure, an international and metropolitan approach, in style, ideas and execution. The long, dark hotel corridor is opened up by strategically placed openings. This creates interaction between the two areas. The hallway is provided with more natural light and the store is made visible from the hotel area. The arrangement of the windows is our inspiration for the design of the store layout. The interior is set up as a scent library: the variety of perfumes and skin care products are displayed in tall cabinets. By making use of adjustable supports, the displays can be customised to each wish. Solo presentations have been designed among the tall displays so that the story of one particular brand can be given full focus.
Han Nooijen