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Interior designer
Skins Cosmetics Rotterdam
To house the Rotterdam Skins Cosmetics boutique, an extension consisting of two retail buildings and an extra floor were necessary.
Bigger, higher, better
The ambitions for the Rotterdam boutique are to be realised on a prime location set between Weena and Coolsingel. By joining two retail buildings, one large boutique is created with a floor space of nearly 300 m2. It offers room to display the entire assortment of perfumes, skin care products and make-up for home-use. By creating a City Spa, the visit to this store offers a complete experience. Customers are pampered to the max. It goes without saying that this boutique will be designed in the unique Skins look and feel. However, this boutique will be bigger, higher and even better.

Visually pleasing

The ceiling-high displays with their bright lighting are visually pleasing.

The counters

The counters are made of polished red copper with illuminated surfaces. This warm look and feel makes the counters highly appealing.

Subtle messing veining

The concrete floor is adorned with subtle messing veining, which are in actual fact dilation grooves added to deal with any expansion or contraction of the floor.


The supporting walls in between the two buildings are used as displays.

Tailor-made light object

A tailor-made light object connects the two areas and its design creates unity.
The client’s wish
The Skins formula is a huge success and it offers us the possibility to present ourselves even better in Rotterdam. It is our goal to put the entire assortment on show. We also want a contemporary City Spa where we can offer our customers a next level sense of luxury and relaxation. It goes without saying that we want to achieve all this in keeping with the specific Skins style. .
For this Skins boutique in Rotterdam, our keywords are bigger, higher and better. The original mezzanines are removed, allowing the entire height to be shown. The two retail premises are joined together by taking down separation walls and so creating wide passages. The remaining supporting walls will be ‘wrapped’ with high displays. A custom-made light element will create a subtle bridge between the two spaces. The concrete floor will be given a true eye-catching feature, it will be adorned with elegant messing veining. In this way the dilations are given a decorative quality and referencing to ‘Skins’.
Peter Baas