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Interior designer
The Penthouse
This iconic penthouse is situated on top of the former AUTOPON building right on the edge of the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. It offers spectacular views over the entire city. This redesign’s keywords are light, airy and spacious.
Transformation to Penthouse
This iconic penthouse is situated on top of a building that is just as iconic and served as a luxury car showroom since 1961. Back in the day, the company’s technical room and boardroom were located on this top floor. Because the building is now listed, any major changes were a no-go. The existing interior was stripped carefully and step by step the new creative process moved forward. The final result is an interior that is close to living perfection in keeping with the architecture.

Open kitchen with ‘smoked wood’ accents

Natural materials and earthy tones also give the custom-made kitchen a relaxing and beachy atmosphere. The phenomenal view makes people want to spend time in this area. A cup of coffee in your hand or sharing a tasty glass of wine with friends.

The central entrance hall with stairs leading to the living area

The elegant staircase in the entrance hall leads to the living area. The long and glazed hallway leads to the private lift.

Applied materials

The materials used and the colour scheme are demure, natural and sophisticated so that the view receives the attention it deserves. All the furniture is selected and designed keeping functionality and comfort in mind.

Master bedroom & master bathroom

The use of buffalo leather on the walls offers the rooms some soft contrast.

Structures in the guest bathroom

The guest bathroom is designed making use of distinctive materials which offer a beachy atmosphere. The elegance is not so much derived from the size but from the use of materials.

Eye-catching toilet

With a subtle nod to the client's love for the beach and the ocean, a mosaic of pearly seashells is integrated in, among other areas, the toilet.
The client’s wish
I wanted to create an interior unlike any other in the Netherlands. High-end but still personal with some sexy flair. I wanted an interior that was distinctive and different. Unique elements and materials which merged into an exclusive coherent picture.
A modern and comfortable total picture, representing the comforting style of the sixties clearly and noticeably. This is what we were aiming for. We wanted ultimate luxury, comfort and freedom, despite the limitations of working on a listed building. The incentive to create a unique project is intense. It led all the way to Rio de Janeiro. The client decided to shop for furniture and accessories in a high-end interior design shop in this metropolis, so Roy came along via FaceTime!
Peter Baas