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Town House Haarlem
This town house is located in the south of Haarlem, near the Haarlemmerhout. This is complete refurb.
The transformation into a family home
The many trees, the green areas and especially the gorgeous 19th century 450 m2 town house with an enormous garden are what the clients fell in love with. The villa has everything you could wish for: a brilliant location, beautiful rooms, high ceilings and to top it off, a huge back garden. Although the children have already flown the nest, this house has everything to become a true family home. So not just a house for the clients to settle but also a home for the children and maybe even the grandchildren.

Creating light and airy rooms

Connection with the garden is optimised. The windows in the back façade are turned into patio doors. Walls are taken down so that the back of the house can become one large conservatory.

Modern open kitchen

We create a large and modern kitchen with its own entrance. This allows the kitchen to take a prominent place in the house.

The conservatory

The conservatory leads to the open kitchen.

Playful connection between the spaces

All spaces are playfully connected to each other. The sliding glass door is the passage from the kitchen to the conservatory and living room.

Peace and harmony in the master bedroom

The master bedroom is adjacent to a nice room that serves as a workplace and dressing room. Opted for light shades. This ensures peace and harmony.

Ensuite bathroom

The master bedroom has its own ensuite bathroom
The client’s wish
We currently live a modern house, but we fell in love with this gorgeous old town house. The location, the rooms with ceilings, the enormous back garden. Our children have flown the nest but still come to stay with us on a regular basis. Maybe in a while, they will come to stay with their children. We would like to have one more real family home, completely adjusted to our wishes. .
Despite the size of the town house, the rooms felt somewhat enclosed. We choose to connect all the rooms by adjusting the layout, making new open corridors and creating visual lines. This allows for an open flow with maximum contact with the exterior area. This connection is also achieved by being consequent in style and use of materials.
Peter Baas