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mathieu nab

Tough yet sensual. That's what I like about the work of the Dutch sculptor Mathieu Nab. I first encountered him years ago at a gallery opening, where he exhibited his first 'Circulo'. We started talking and I immediately bought the work. Afterwards I sometimes used his objects in an interior project.

Parisian designers

A great preference goes out to Parisian designers. That started for me with Andrée Putman and Philippe Starck. Later Christian Liaigre and Gilles & Boissier were added. When I walked into 'Cafe Costes' as an Art Academy student in 1984, I was wide awake... So it can be like that! 3 years later I designed the 'Pallone'. With French designers in particular, design, art and styling are fully integrated. Modern and classic, past and present go hand in hand. A rich palette.


Light is one of the defining and inspiring elements in interior design. How? Where? and when? are the relevant questions.

Tropical Modernity

Tropical Modernity... Dutch colonial architecture. A controversial topic perhaps, but I am a big fan of the design. Particularly in the first half of the 20th century, beautiful projects were realized by Dutch architects. Good layouts, beautiful indoor-outdoor connections, un-Dutch proportions and use of materials. Most architects only saw their work in photographs, because they had never been to the Dutch East Indies. You see a revival of interest among Indonesian architecture students. My family once lived in such a house.

Mallorca's splendor

Once in a while you need relaxation. Come to yourself for a moment. Different light, different air, different environment. I like coming to Mallorca. Easy to reach, mountains, rolling valleys, authentic food, tranquil villages, space.... Mediterranean life in a pressure cooker. Complete and abundant. No, not the well-known coastal towns of course, but inland!


Guatemala, Brazil, India, Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Belize, Morocco, Turkey, South Africa, USA, UK, Europe, you name it! The opportunity to travel and experience why people live the way they do in their own specific environment is a great inspiration.