Schaap & Partners Lawyers and notaries

The building, a monument in new-historical style from 1925, is located in its own park. The villa is connected to a new wing, built as an extension.

A total of 4000 m2.

“After twenty-five years, we are ready for a redesign that suits our partnership of 11 partners and 80 staff. We cherish the location and would like to stay here.” 

In collaboration with project manager Custom office, a renovation plan was drawn up that would enhance the style and atmosphere of the original building.

The monumental stairwell was given the leading role and was used as a theme for the further use of color and materials throughout the complex.

A restrained use of color gives space to the extensive art collection. By applying a new LED lighting plan, significant energy savings were achieved.

Parklaan was once the domain of port barons and industrialists. The villa was originally built for a member of the Jamin family and, together with the bridge, is a national monument.