The Kagerplassen are one of the oldest and most popular water sports areas in the Netherlands. It was originally a peat pond system and connects to a network of canals and reed ditches. Centrally located close to Leiden, it attracts all kinds of vessels from all over the Randstad during the season.
The historic villa has a special location on the water and has its own jetty. The earliest building part dates back to the 17th century. In the centuries that followed, it was steadily renovated and added to. The new residents also continue this tradition.
The house is stripped to the bare bones. This gives us a clear picture of the original layout. Historically interesting parts are carefully protected. This applies, among other things, to original beams, bricks, wall tiles and cornices. Where necessary, insulation is provided. The frames will regain their original profiling, but will be subtly fitted with laminated glass.
The eclectic atmosphere of the house is also continued inside in a modern rustic approach. The historic parts relate well to the hand-made materials and robust design of the kitchen. The lounge area around the fireplace enhances the homely feeling.
The adjacent kitchen, which was added later, will be demolished and rebuilt in a double height. By keeping the style of this extension clearly modern, an exciting contrast is created. The historical layering is now clearly visible.